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Sal Leaf Tableware

Also known as Patravali, Pattal or Khali, HeyJute™ offers Sal Leaf Tableware, which are a purely plant based eating plate or dish used in rural India.  We at HeyJute™ are the first entity in the world to create a comprehensive safe and exportable product line to offer to the world.  These plates biodegrade in your backyard within 45 days. This means, unlike every other "compostable" plant based alternative our there that is essentially green-washing the public (Bagasse, Sugar Cane, Corn based PLA plastics), this line of products do not require special industrial composting facilities to breakdown (which actually do not exist in Canada and most of the world; there are only 200 in all of the USA).  The sustainable life cycle of this product is incomparable any other non-plastic single-use alternative (they are of course much better than anything plastic based).  The leaf is obtained from the bottom of the Sal Tree found is Sal Forests without having to cut or disturb the forest.  No glue or chemicals are used. These plates and bowls are made by stitching 6 to 8 Sal leaves from the Sal tree and are for a single-use.


Empowered women in villages, paid fare wages, literally hand-stitch each plate using twigs and threads on mechanically run (no electricity used) sewing machines. There is no glue used. They are literally leaves.  Not only are these plates good for the planet, they also enable the education of underprivileged children so that they are not forced into child labour or the sex trade. HeyJute™ has been fighting for this change for over 19 years now. Please watch our video to learn more about our Sal Leaf plates. 

We are currently retailing these here, and our other online channels in the different sizes below. More coming soon!

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