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About Us


HeyJute® is an Innovative Canadian brand that offers Environmentally Conscious, Packaging, Promotional Branding, and Geo-textile solutions in a market otherwise saturated by toxic synthetic alternatives.  Our vision is to replace plastic with Natural Plant Fibres.

We at HeyJute® choose to operate our business without compromising the Planet or its People.  This, and keeping our customers satisfied with our high quality offerings and service, is what we are about.

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Our business helps empower underprivileged Women & Children by way of our Ethically minded branding partnerships.  Our products make the planet a healthier place to live in because we use Natural Plant Fibres to provide solutions.

Thank you for your time today and we hope you spend some time learning more about us here :)


Your friends at HeyJute®

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HeyJute® supports CRY (Child Rights & You)


CRY believes that every child has a right to dream and has been fighting for the four fundamental rights of a child as per the UN Convention for over 40 years. These rights are:


  1. Right to Survival

  2. Right to Development

  3. Right to Participation

  4. Right to Protection


HeyJute is proud to have partnered with CRY and for the past 8 years has been contributing a percentage of all its proceeds to support CRY's noble efforts.