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Surface Soil Erosion Control Blankets

HeyJute™ offers various grades of Open Weave Jute Erosion Blankets that protect seed and soil on surfaces vulnerable to erosion by rain, run-off and win.  Our blankets mould easily to surface contours and effectively control erosion.  Jute naturally coalesces with the soil which creates a microclimate that promotes vegetative growth.  The Jute then decomposes once vegetation has established and the soil is secured.  Jute Erosion Control blankets are widely regarded as the best, and most economic solution where vegetation will establish within a year or two.  Application areas as follows:


  • Exposed slopes of embankments along roads, railways, hills and flood borders

  • Bridge approaches

  • Slopes of reservoirs and embankments

  • Overburdened dumps of open cast mines. Fly ash dumps of power plants

  • Stabilization of sand dunes on beaches

  • Afforestation in semi-arid zones


The table below outlines the specifications of the three grades of HeyJute™ Erosion Control Blankets we offer. Please contact us for Pricing & Installation Guidelines.

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