The ultimate hipster hip-wear!  We at HeyJute™, are proudly launching our “Moon Loom” line of fashion & lifestyle accessories. Introducing our premium, eco-friendly Messenger Bag & Pouch Combo! This perfect pair is artisan handmade by a Women’s Self-help Group, and is entirely aligned with nature and astronomical phases of Earth’s moon. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. All the colours in the fabric are Natural Plant based. The shade of colour (whether dark or light or somewhere in between), is determined by when during the moon phase, the plant is harvested. For example, for dark blue, the plant is harvested on a full-moon. For light blue, the plant is harvested during the new moon. For something in the middle, sometime in the middle of the moon cycle.


This leather and plastic free Messenger Bag is simple, elegant, stylish, and comes with a matching clutch pouch ideal for accessories or a night out.   The Messenger Bag comfortably fits laptops, tablets, books, etc. lots of room to spare.  The front flap closes securely by a high-quality buttoned loop and offers an easy access zippered pocket for accessories, cables, and more.  Open the flap and bag and you will see a zipper that closes the main bag cavity. The inside is lined with plastic free fabric and offers a zippered pocket (ideal for phones, change, gadgets. etc.). Dimensions: 14"W x, 11"H, 3.5"D.  Features an adjustable length organic strap that can be tied around a loop, adding even more style to your look.


The matching hand strap Clutch Pouch has a classic teardrop shape and makes for an eye-catching statement piece whether you choose to wear it casually or for an evening night out, or perhaps you just want to use it as a multifunctional pouch as a toiletry bag.  This YKK zippered clutch is also made of our Moon Loom fabric. The interior has a lining of natural cotton and the wrist loop keeps hands free. Dimensions: 7.5"W x 6.5"H x 3.5"D.


We are offering our MOON LOOM line in two different colour palletes currently: Red Moon, and Blue Moon.

MOON LOOM Messenger Bag & Clutch Pouch Set


Wash in cold water. Let dry naturally.

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