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jute bags wholesale canada

Hydrocarbon-Free Foodgrade Bags & Sacks


Totally safe for edibles like shelled nuts, cocoa, coffee beans, grains and spices these bags are processed with vegetable oil and can be marked with custom logos and/or international industrial markings. Approved by leading Japanese, European & American users. jute bags wholesale canada


Totes/Bags for Grocery & Branding


We supply re-usable shopping totes for grocery chains and stores around the world. Our bags can have a lining on the inside to cater for the nature of food and produce, or they can be a 100% biodegradable Jute. We use AZO chemical free colouring.  Use our creative team of designers to develop your bags! jute bags wholesale canada


Geo-textile & Soil Savers


Hydro-carbon free Jute is now being considered as the preferred Geo-textile in road construction, river bank protection, landslide control, shallow land recovery, railway slope protection, and much more! This is eco-friendly and economical. HeyJute is Canada's leading supplier of Jute Geo-textile.

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Unique Branding & Packaging Solutions


We have created amazing products customized to our clients' needs. Whether it is for trade shows or your yoga studio, or your chocolate factory, or your hotel chain, HeyJute provides incredibly attractive and sustainable items for your brand.

jute bags wholesale canada

Your store can offer this Sustainable Shopping Kit with your logo! contact us for quotesjute bags wholesale canada


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jute bags wholesale canada

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  • jute bags wholesale canada
  • jute bags wholesale canada
  • jute bags wholesale canada HeyJute
  • jute bags wholesale canada
  • jute bags wholesale canada

jute bags wholesale canada